On computational subjectivity: Leibniz's "Grand Perceiver" as Cloud Computing-- 
and the One (or God) as WiFi sharing  and governance thereof.

This raises new hopes in my mind for the proponents of computationalism.

This is just a speculation, but the following quote on the use of Cloud 
Computing (CC) as 
an accessory shared intelligence for Apple Ipods and Samsung Tablets suggests 
CC as a possible 
model for Leibniz's Supreme Monad as the subjective  "Grand Perceiver"  * (my 
term), leading 
to the above-all WiFi and God or the One as overall governing authority.  


"The cloud computing movement has done a great deal to promote platform 
agnosticism, from
consistent (Web-based) UIs to cross-platform APIs that allow applications to 
synchronize data. 
And with most users being constantly connected via 3/4G, Wi-Fi or wired 
networks to the Internet, 
cloud services have been one of the most hassle-free ways to make your data 
available across devices. "

Cloud computing could then replace the many difficulties that Daniel Dennety 
has criticized
as the "Cartesian Theater".

* For Leibniz's model of perception, see eg 




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