The deadly legacy of another lib, Rachel Carson 

Because of Rachel Carson, who is thought by some to have made up some if not 
of the data in her book "Silent Spring", DDT is now illegal in Africa and most 
places.  Thus  

Even though welfare organizations are frantically handing out mosquito netting, 
a child dies every minute from malaria.   

Malaria claims 660,000 lives per year, 90% of those in Africa.   
more than 1400 kids lose their lives to a mosquito bite every day.  

In addition, Nile fever  is growing in incidence now in America.  
Robins, whom Carson supposedly helped to save,  
are known, along with finches and some other birds,  
to serve as reservoirs for the spread of Nile Fever  
and possibly Denghy fever, a painful disease of the joints.  
I noticed that here in MD, my back yard is a favored hangout for  
robins and yellow finches.  

Authorities believe that a good way to combat this is to increase 
the diversity of birdlife. since not all birds serve as reservoirs.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that deer, who already are known
to spread Lyme disease, might also be reseervoirs for Nile and Denghy

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]  
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