There are two different, yet equally fruitless ways of conceiving why Roger 
Clough bothers to post garbage all over what used to be a very bright and 
interesting list. 

One, he is old and retired, so he has little else to fill his days. 

The other reason is that he thinks his ideas have some kind of merit, and 
he self-deceptively thinks they smack of some brilliance that is opaque to 

According to Roger, everything that was ever thought or will be thought 
that had any merit was thunk up by Leibniz, a german fancy boy from the 
1500s who had a major hard-on for god-centric explanations of the universe. 
The fact that Roger has a major hard-on for fancy boys from the 1500s and 
has little of any original thinking to bring the the table himself should 
indicate to you the staleness of his thinking. 

Roger frequently makes vague pronouncements about 'what Leibniz thought,' 
punctuated by casual anti-semitism and political bear baiting. Rarely, 
though, is any of this backed up by sustained argument or evidence. It is 
as though you are witnessing a man in a fugue state, unaware that he makes 
no sense but believing strongly that he has the secret keys to the palace 
of universal knowledge.  

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