Subjectivity is impossible to understand, so don't bother trying to 
understand it. 

The best things anyone ever said about subjectivity, consciousness, the 
universe, god, or really, basically anything else that you can think of, 
were ALL said by one man 500 years ago. His name was Leibniz. 

He was SOOOOO SMART!!! He invented calculus and everything. You know what 
we could do without calculus? Nothing, that's what. 

But the MOST IMPORTANT contribution he made was his earth-shattering 
discovery that we are all MONADS -- simple and indivisible substances that 
have both consciousness and extension as attributes. You see, monads are 
necessary to solve the mind-body problem, because since mind and body are 
two such different essences, there is really no other way to conceive of 
how they might interact other than assuming that there is just some kind of 
parallelism of operation between the two. After all, things are extended in 
space, everyone knows that, right? And minds are not extended anywhere, 
right? Everyone knows that too! So how the heck do the two essences seem to 
correlate? Well, GOD of course!! And if you don't believe that, well, 
you're going to hell. Even if you do believe that, you might go to hell 
anyway, if you are a jew or a liberal. 

Gee, I sure do love Leibniz. 

Remember, Leibniz, Monads, Monism, and Jews and liberals are bad. Oh, and 
God is great and he exists and everything.  

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