Hi Chris,

You can probably find all that you need here

It looks like it is a defunct research programme, but maybe you could
follow up citations.

I could probably dig out an e-copy of the ECAL paper from my
institution's Springerlink subscription, if you're really interested.

Further comments interspersed

On Wed, Aug 07, 2013 at 01:03:36AM +0000, chris peck wrote:
> Hi Prof. Standish
> Unfortunately my subscription to Athens ran out a long time ago and I don't 
> have access to the paper you mention.
> I'm still not sure you've addressed the crux of the argument. Lets say you 
> have a bunch of codons that when processed by a replicating mechanism spit 
> out a bunch of amino acids. Lets say the replicating system isn't optimized 
> and has low redundancy so that
> codonA -> aa1
> codonB -> aa2
> codonC -> aa3
> Now there is a random mutation in the mechanism that ought to offer some 
> redundancy:
> codonA -> aa1
> codonB -> aa1
> codonC -> aa2
> codonD -> aa3
> Unless there has been a concomitant mutation in the DNA strands the
mechanism will process, this 'optimization' is in fact catastrophic. 

That is what I was referring to as the boundary being unstable. The
two schema cannot coexist at the same location. What I had in mind was
that they existed contemporaneously, but in different physical
locations - eg different rock pools perhaps.

ISTM that you are implictly assuming that these replicating
hypercycles only emerged once, whereas I would think that replicating
RNA probably arose many times quite easily when life wasn't around to
gobble them up.


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