Some seemingly obvious and visually confirmed 
thoughts on dark energy and matter

1) Dark matter is potentially energy via E= mc^2.
Dark energy is already energy.
Regular matter is also potentially energy via E = mc^2

2) So everything is energy or potentially energy. 

3) It is known that the energy is expansive in some
places, presumably via Einstein's universal gravitational
constant, but doesn't react with photons, so it remains dark.
4) Similarly at other places or levels it is compressive 
and reacts with photons.

5) At some times during the creation of the universe,
the energy was compressive, at others expansive.
Perhaps this might be due to temperatures, the
expansive part associated, as it it is with gases,
with lower temperatures.

6) In accord with this, lower temperatures would radiate 
less energy and therefore appear to be darker.

7) Expansive gravitation is also observed in galaxies, which
are likely at lower temperatures between suns.
This is confirmed from the fact that galaxies appear to be 
controlled in their spiralling rotations by expansive energy, 
since the gravitational forces seem to be independent of 
distance from the center ofd gravity of the galaxies. 

8) At first thought, like gases, they should be drawn
toward each other and mix or cancel, except that:

a) these are limited in their ability cancel each other out over
distance due to the speed limit of light. 

b) depending on the amount of expansion or compression,
mixture becomes problematic as spacetime differs.
However, this may only be problematic for those
regions interacting with photons, which, being particular,
obey the traffic rules of spacetime/gravity. 

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