On 8/17/2013 4:53 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:
We must not limit the rise of AI to any single geo-located system and ignore
just how fertile of an ecosystem the global networked world of machines and
connected devices provides for a nimble highly virtualized AI that exist in
no place at any given time, but has neurons in millions (possibly billions)
of devices everywhere on earth... an AI that cannot be shut down without
shutting down literally everything that is so deeply penetrated and embedded
in all our systems that it becomes impossible to extricate.
I am speculating of course and have no evidence that this is indeed
occurring, but am presenting it as a potential architecture of awareness.

I agree that such and AI is possible, but I think it is extremely unlikely for the same reason it is unlikely that an animal with human-like intelligence could evolve - that niche is taken. Your scenarios contemplate an AI that evolves somehow in secret and then spring upon us fully developed. But the evolving AI would show it's hand *before* it became superhumanly clever at hiding.


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