Here is my tuppence: I participate on a (serious) list where they started
to substitute for AI - "AS" (=artificial stupidity) meaning that our mental
capabilities are restricted and anything we can produce on a computer
(pardon me, Bruno: it is not the UNIVERSAL one) in our 'brilliant' digital
programming efforts is restsricted to whatever we may know (at least
follow). That's what those friends call  our 'stupidity' applied.

Not only is 'inteligence' poorly (if at all) identified, it is within the
bounds of the present human knowledge. No machine can expand that (again:
pls. Bruno gimme a break). Does anybody have knowledge of AI-produced
domains completely unheard of in our human inventory of the KNOWN world?
Even the 'unreal' and 'imaginary' connotations produced by extreme AI are
deducible to elements of our sensitive mindset.
Besides: OUR machines are inventoried contraptions - our mentality has no
such borderlines. Did anybody compare the free flowing human fantasy with
an unrestricted comparative power of programmed items?
Our 'free flowing' fantasy is still based on the 'model' of today's
knowledge about the world as we know it.

Agnostically yours
John Mikes

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