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Dear Russell,
the Peat book seems to be on the physicist's side, just as the Hiley-book
(posthumus D.Bohm co-authored) which even pictures DB close to his 1952
image when his idea started to eliminate the differences of QM and
I have a - sort of - high level science-reportage:  by Reneé Weber:
"Dialogues with Scientists and Sages" (Arkana, 1986) with a reasonable
chapter with Bohm - also his references towards Krishnamurti and others.
I cannot activate my old computer's stuff on a discussion list stuff called:
'Friends of David Bohm' (early 90s)  with lots of details of his stuff.

My idea was the connection to Bishop Nicolaus de Cusa's 3 part world
(implicare, explicare, complicare - where I figured the 3rd one as math)
base for his protegé: Copernicus, saving the latter from the Inquisition -
the way I deduced it from "Wholeness...", a tortuous 2 decade path.
I think the 'Explicate Order' is our physical-world figment, while from the
'Implicate' I erased the 'Order' in my mind: no knowledge about that part
so to speak. An 'order' would be exaggerated.

After changing into a (similarly heretic?) Rosenite, the Bohm details
My agnostic views give me the peace of mind in an extended "I dunno".
I have a vague idea how to figure the infinity of the complexity (the
one(?)  beyond our conventional science 'model' of the world) - but only in
terms of our knowable items - no hint how the 'beyond model' may be
structured (if at all) and of what kind elements.

John M

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