So it seems to me that all of us are situated within a spectacular 
confluence of cosmological and biological factors.
The cosmological factors include the fact that dark energy hasn't gotten 
strong enough to rip the whole works apart,
that the moon just so happens to be just as big as it is to provide us a 
perfect occlusion of the sun during an eclipse,
that we are just around the right time of our sun's evolution that we can 
rely on it to be stable for the next billion years or so,
that the moon is already properly tidally locked to our planet, such that 
it won't have any future effect on our rotation period (good for life!)
The biological factors include the fact that some self replicating molecule 
was able to find purchase on a home (DNA),
that it had enough time to evolve (it's home star was 'kind' and didn't 
burp ionizing radiation one or two or dozens of times the way we know other 
stars do)
that it had a kind substrate (i.e. earth) that provided the kind of 
atmospheric protection for life required in case the home star did burp
that we have come from a long line of survivors, and therefore we are 
almost automatically very robust, both physically and mentally
And yet we talk about whether we are made from numbers and their inexorable 
arithmetic relations(Bruno),
And we talk about whether sensation is ultimately primary, and perhaps the 
only thing (Craig),
But it really all comes down to the confluence of these various factors 
that allows us to have this conversation in the first place,
comp be damned, do I assume primitive physical reality? well, look at the 
sky and the moon and the time it's taken for this arbitrary contingent 
thing to evolve, how could it be computational?
multisense realism be damned, look at how things are conditioned by their 
structure and function as we find them objectively... there's a reason why 
hex wrenches open hex bolts, and it has nothing to do with sensation

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