I knew yesterday that the reason why Percival Lowel  (and many others) saw
canals -and life-  in Mars is because at this time the Panama Canal was
being constructed, and this novelty captivated the imagination of the
people. everithing had a solution with a canal. And everything could be
solved and explained with mechanics and electricity, the technology that
helped to construct the channel. Therefore the Martians was an electric
civilization that launched electric discharges.

It is necessary to explain what I want to mean?. People throw in novel
technologies and theories whatever they have unexplained or unsolved, but
also their hopes.

But at the end of the day these solutions vomit back what was put in with
still new questions. The net effect is the rephrasing of the ancient
questions with a new language, passed trough the filter of the solution
that dominates the uthopic mind of the people.  That language, the one of
the particular science that dominates the landscape assures that the
ancient questions are reduced to match the particular aspect that can fit
in the theory.

I personally prefer the original, naked questions as the first ones that
though about it,  as they appeared in their mind, without the filter of any


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