On 2 October 2013 04:43, Richard Ruquist <yann...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Richard Ruquist: This is not Bruno's comp because of the assumption of
> ERH. My paper http://vixra.org/pdf/1303.0194v1.pdf, based on Tegmark's
> Hypotheses, conjectures that only a holographic Metaverse containing many
> holographic Universes, contains a sufficient number of bits for
> computations in it to be effectively complete and decidable to compute
> matter and energy; whereas the computations in any Universe having a
> relatively limited number of bits for computation (ie., ~10^122) are
> relatively incomplete, and that incompleteness hypothetically results in
> emergent consciousness. BTW, Ruquist is a Swedish-American name, having
> been anglicized on Ellis Island.
> The Beckenstein bound (I think?) imposes a limit on the amount of
information in a given volume, which is rather surpisingly proportional to
the surface area of said volume. This seems to imply that the universe is a
"surface" in a multiverse, and that in the multiverse the information
inside a volume is proportional to the volume of the volume, which is,
after all, what one might intuitively expect. The reason we see only the
"surface amount of information" would be because we can only see one slice
of the multiverse.

Either that makes sense, or I need more coffee.

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