On 10/2/2013 1:17 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

        All the rest, including theories, must accommodate this fact and not 
the other
        way around.

    The trouble is "this fact" just refers to a personal feeling and so is 
useless for
    social policy: "Did you feel that you had free will when you shot your 

This fact is not a personal feeling, but a species-specific function that implies feelings, acts and so on. I mean, it is a part of being human. And this configures the reality that we perceive and according with it we act and judge, and have justice institutions. In the same way that we see color with three types of detectors on the brain and according with it we use certain painting techniques. This is a shared reality as a consequence of having the same human mind structure, the same nature or if you like, the same brain architecture. If that not were that way, you and me would never even communicate and discuss about it.

So what function would a robot necessarily have in order to have the kind of "free will" you are interested in?


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