> Some academies are just prostituted to rotten (sometime) politics, often
> just to get enough funding to survive.
> Money is not the problem. Black, obscure and grey money is the problem.
> Wait, this is indeed the most fundamental question!

*How knowledge interact with money and power in society and convert itself
in beliefs as a system that prevent further knowledge must be an integral
part of research. *
*For me this meta-knowledge about knowledge faith and power is a more
fundamental question than knowledge itself.*

> -------

I think that people don' t want knowledge primarily.  What they aim at, is
like any living being, and in fact, like any stable dynamic auto-regulated
structure, is * to reduce uncertainty*.

That fit with many considerations at different levels, and embrace
conclussions of evolution, game theory, computability, social science
psychology and entropy.

 That explain how knowledge interact with power (and money and you wish)
and faith. As I will explain:

To reduce uncertainty can be achieved adquiring pure knowledge of the world
around in order to predict better the future.

But it can also be achieved by adquiring for themselves money or power, or
love from other people, or commitment from tem, or respect, or common
commintment to something or someone.

The fact is that pure knowledge is not enoug. Money is not enough, power is
not enough, since neither of them work without a committed society that
make use of this knowledge in an organized way, that respect the money
value and other properties, that has fair mechanism for adquiring power and
legitimacy, and more that that, a society with a  clear plan for our
sibiling and generations to come.

Thinking materialistically (I´m not but for a matter of argument) there is
no social vehicle for our genes if the society have all these requirements,
and, more important, no people that had not these requirements ullfilled
survived, so we have inherited this natural seeking for all these kinds of
uncertainty reduction mechanism around us.

Some societies make enphasis in one kind of uncertainty reduction. Others
rely more in other different in this equation. These different uncertainty
reduction alternatives are one against the other. A strict hiearchi of
power and legitimacy based on an enforced supernatural plan is a excellent
uncertainty reduction for a stable society that does not need to change. In
the other side, adquring knowledge is good, but that may challenge the
structure, questionin legitimacies and creating civil wars, that can be
pacific or violent. When there is no common plans nor loyaltyes, the
pacific disputes become violent almos by defintion.

A lot of philosophy on all their branches can be extracted from this
starting point.

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