On 10/6/2013 1:02 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

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    On 10/6/2013 9:08 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

        Some academies are just prostituted to rotten (sometime) politics, 
often just
        to get enough funding to survive.

        Money is not the problem. Black, obscure and grey money is the problem.

    Wait, this is indeed the most fundamental question!

    /How knowledge interact with money and power in society and convert itself 
    beliefs as a system that prevent further knowledge must be an integral part 
    research. /
    /For me this meta-knowledge about knowledge faith and power is a more 
    question than knowledge itself./

    I think that people don' t want knowledge primarily.  What they aim at, is 
like any
    living being, and in fact, like any stable dynamic auto-regulated 
structure, is
    */ to reduce uncertainty/*.

    Naah.  If that were true they'd never climb Mt. Everest or race motorcycles 
    explore new territory.  People are complex, they want different things at 
    times.  Sometimes it's comfort and security, sometimes it's adventure, 
sometimes its
    companionship and sometimes it's competition, sometimes it's leisure, 
sometimes it's
    strife.  Evolution just dictates that sometimes its sex and progeny.

Good, but some of those complexities comes from the complex that is reducing uncertainty in so complex systems such are human societies. First, either evolution dictates nothing or it dictates everything, because societies are also a product o evolution. under a gene-meme multilevel selection process, where memes is in the top of the hierarchy.

To climb mount Everest has egoistic and altruistic aspects. The egoistic ones try to increase individual fitness, by fame , respect or money. All of them are individual uncertainty reducers, because they increase resources for survival and reproduction, that is, survive against the entropic noise of death and forgetting, and assure the survival of the personal meme-gene legacy.

But there is something altruistic also (well the former is not so egoistic at last) Sir Helmunt Hillary climbed the Everest not only for himself, but for England. Because he wanted the flag of England to wave above all nations. To contemplate your nation as powerful and respectable by other nations is not only a uncertainty reducer for you but also for generations to come that share your gene-meme legacy.

All you've done is fuzzy up "uncertainty reduction" so it can serve as an explanation for anything. That was my objection of Nietzsche's "will to power": In a straightforward reading it's false. After enough explication it's turned into "accomplishing something you probably wanted to" and it becomes a tautology.


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