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>  Suppose his research showed that liberalized concealed carry laws
> reduced gun violence (a popular argument among gun-rights advocates).  Then
> he wouldn't be gagged.  So he was assuming the opposite conclusion in order
> to infer reporting the study would be a crime.

The point is that whatever conclusions are reached, it should be possible
to report them.

>   Well, if it wouldn't be advocacy then he's OK to report whatever he
> sees fit. Personally I would think it shouldn't be considered advocacy, but
> he's closer to the whole thing and he seems to think it would.
> Bureaucrats tend to be timid about offending Congress and may self-censor.
> Yes, I can well believe that.

>          No, nobody who is an employee of the U.S. government is allowed
> to lobby it.  Civil service employees and uniformed military are not
> allowed to campaign for any partisan candidates either (even in local
> elections if they are partisan).

Ah, right, I see what you mean.

Yes, it's unfortunate that the psychology seems to be "It's dangerous out
> there.  So I should be able to have a gun to protect myself."  That's what
> defeated a gun ban in Brazil, which has even more shootings than the U.S.,
> in spite of requirements to register and license all guns.
> Well the situation is self-perpetuating, I imagine.

So there's somewhere that has more shootings than the USA - I did know
that, but it generally tends to be the "Developing World" that has this
problem, I believe, together with places with ongoing wars.
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