On 8 October 2013 21:24, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> On 08 Oct 2013, at 00:01, LizR wrote:
> One thing wrong with the US constitution is that the "right to bear arms"
> meant muskets and flintlock pistols at the time, but has been extended to,
> for example, semi-automatic weapons. The people who wrote it were only
> aware of single-shot weapons, even the colt revolver hadn't been invented!
> If they're so keen to extend the original meaning to what are in effect
> weapons of mass destruction, why not, say, let citizens build nuclear bombs
> if they want to?
> They have the right. Some did it (but I'm not sure they got the Uranium).
> It is not illegal, even the uranium (I think).
> Hemp is illegal, like french cheese, but not guns, alcohol, tobacco,
> dangerous antidepressant, poisonous schrooms, etc.
> I am advocating the personal atomic bombs.
> I wish I have many, to offer to friends, as I cannot imagine a better gift
> for saying to someone "I fully trust you".
> Yes indeed.

Or "I hope your party goes with a bang!"

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