On Saturday, October 12, 2013 9:07:57 AM UTC+11, Russell Standish wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 04:09:20AM -0700, Pierz wrote: 
> > > The former. Deutsch goes into the problem of infinite countable sets 
> in 
> > great detail and shows how this is *not* a problem for these uncountable 
> > infinities (as Russell points out)), whereas it may be a problem for 
> Interesting. I wasn't aware that Deutsch had done that. I was aware of 
> his critiques of measuring countable sets (such as in the infinity 
> hotel chapter of BoI), but not that he showed there was no such 
> problems with uncountable sets. Do you have a reference? 
> Of course, I take the position that "it will be alright on the night", 
> and give a plausible account of it in my solution of the White Rabbit 
> problem in my paper "Why Occams razor", but that has been criticised, 
> particularly by Bruno, that the measure issue is not so simple. I 
> don't feel confident enough in the maths of measure theory to say that 
> it isn't a problem, just that I can't see a problem in using 
> Solomonoff's measure. Hence my interest in Deutsch's take. 
> Cheers 

Sorry to disappoint you. I was referring rather to his arguments in BoI 
that the measure problem is not an issue for MWI because of the underlying 
relationships between the universes (on page 179-180 for instance). It 
wasn't actually about uncountable infinities versus countable ones :(

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