On Sunday, October 13, 2013 12:56:58 AM UTC-4, Liz R wrote:
> On 13 October 2013 17:40, Craig Weinberg <whats...@gmail.com <javascript:>
> > wrote:
>> I don't believe in philosophical zombies. I use puppet because a puppet 
>> implies an absence of conscious presence, which is an ordinary condition of 
>> macrocosmic objects as we seem them, because the sensation associated with 
>> them belongs to a distant frame (microcosm). A zombie is supernatural 
>> because rather than the seeming absence of presence (normal), they imply 
>> the presence of absence, which is unnatural and cannot exist. There can be 
>> no undead, only the unlive.
> Puppet implies a puppeteer. In a sense our bodies are puppets controlled 
> by our brains. So there is a conscious presence.

But the brain cannot be separated from the body. It's made of the same stem 
cell. It is not the prosthetic appendage of itself, it is a whole organism 
on a zoological level, a community of organisms on a biological level, and 
an ocean of chemical reactions on a chemical level. That the brain can 
influence the behavior of the other organs and tissues of the body and vice 
versa is not a puppet-ventriloquist relation, it is a multivalent fugue of 
interdependence (in which we participate directly, and through which we 
participate in social and super-personal dramas).

> I wonder if there are psychological conditions that are similar to 
> philosophical zombiehood? I.e. doing things as though conscious when you 
> aren't. (Maybe sleep walking?) 

Sure, sleepwalking, blindsight (patients can guess what they are seeing 
correctly but have no ability to see), psychopathy (emotions are simulated 
but not felt). Synesthesia and plain old acting show that specific qualia 
and behaviors need not be linked automatically to what we expect them to 


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