On 16 October 2013 01:26, Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Monday, October 14, 2013 11:14:36 PM UTC-4, Jason wrote:

> Thanks for your answer.  That was not quite what I was asking though.
>> Let's say the nano-tech did not extend some living organism, but were some
>> entirely autonomous, entirely artificial  cell-like structures, which could
>> find and utilize energy sources in the environment and reproduce
>> themselves.  Let's say after millions (or billions) of years, these
>> self-replicating nanobots evolved into "multi-cellular" organisms like
>> animals we are familiar with today. Could they have experiences like other
>> biological creatures that have a biological lineage? If not, why not?
> No, I don't think that they could have experiences like biological
> creatures. If they could, then we *should *probably see at least one
> example of

Excuse me for butting in, but I'm not sure what "should" means here. Are
you saying these things should *already* exist? But the original suggestion
was about future technology... Though I can't see what else you could mean,

> 1. a natural occurrence of inorganic biology

Why would it occur naturally, when organic biology has done so, and
presumably used up all the food sources that might be available?

> 2. an organism which can survive only on inorganic nutrients


> 3. a successful experiment to create life from basic molecules

Arguably the biosphere counts as this, presumably not an intentional

> 4. a machine which seems to feel, care, and have a unique and unrepeatable
> personal presence

Arguably a human being is one of these

> 5. a mechanized process which produces artifacts that seem handmade and
> unique
> 6. two separate bodies who are the same person
> 7. an organism which reproduces by transforming its environment rather
> than reproducing by cell division

This seems to me to have gone completely off the point.

> 8. an organism which emerges spontaneously from Boltzmann conditions in
> the environment rather than seeded inheritance

What?!? (He said billions of years, not googolplexes...!)

> 9. an event or observation which leads us to conclude that gathering
> energy and reproduction are sufficient to constitute bio-quality awareness.
> I don't understand that sentence.

I may be missing something here but I believe the question is whether
machines can have experiences. Isn't a human being a machine that has

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