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>> Whichever way you look at it with the heart, the cars or the brain, it
>> is a sequence of physical events A->B->C etc.
> It's not a sequence, it's different scopes of simultaneous. I decide to go
> to the store. That's A. I get in the car and the car drives to the store.
> That's B. The physical event B is cause by personal motive A. There is no
> physical event which specifically would have caused A if it were not for my
> personal contribution in 'clutching' together various histories and
> narratives to arrive at a novel cause which is entering the public universe
> from a private vantage point that I am saying is trans-ontological.

The decision to go to the store, A, is associated with certain brain
processes, and the getting in the car and driving to the store, B, is
associated with different brain processes. The brain processes
associated with A *cause* the brain processes associated with B. That
is to say, a scientist anywhere in the universe could observe the
physical processes A and the physical processes B and see how the
former lead to the latter without necessarily having any idea about
the supervenient consciousness. This is according to the scientific
account of nature. If the scientific account of nature is wrong then
the scientist would look at the physical processes B and declare that
there must be some supernatural influence, as he cannot explain how
they come about given the antecedent A and the laws of physics.

Stathis Papaioannou

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