On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 06:13:33PM -0700, Craig Weinberg wrote:
> A corporation is just a substrate. Instead of transistors, or neurons, or 
> mechanical switches, you have employees serving the same roles as any 
> components would in a universal machine. If it seems absurd that such a 
> configuration would conjure feelings and personhood out of a purely 
> functional organization, maybe its because it is absurd? Maybe universal 
> machines are still only machines and have no life of their own?
> Craig

A corporation is an abstract pattern, part of it formalised in the
form of business rules, parts in corporate memory, parts in the
culture, and yes, part in the current employees of the firm.

But it does not seem obvious that a corporation would be capable of
universal computation, unless it were explicitly designed with that
goal in mind. And if one were so designed, and given COMP, then
presumably with an appropriate conscious AI program, the corporation
could be considered conscious (that practically is probably many times
slower than the timescale human consciousness operates on).

I don't consider it absurd, just rather unlikely, as there is no need
for a corporation to be conscious.



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