On 23 Oct 2013, at 22:48, LizR wrote:

I will be reading this as soon as I get the time, I mean the emergent phenomenon...but thought in the meantime you guys might be interested :-)


I may have comments once I've had a chance to read it!

Very interesting, and quite close the way time, and space have to appear from a universal number points of view, in case the normal measure does not contain too much white rabbits, which needs to be verify.

Now, I thought, perhaps naively, that after Einstein and Gödel, no one serious still believed in a "real" time. Here I allude to Gödel's work in General Relativity.

I recommend the reading of the book of Palle Yourgreau, which made me realize that perhaps not so much scientist have understood the vanishing of time, in physics.

But the link you provided is not just on the disparition (and phenomenological emergence) of time, but on an elegant way to recover it in a first person plural ways, and a way to test this.



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