On 10/25/2013 3:24 AM, Telmo Menezes wrote:
My high-level objection is very simple: chess was an excuse to pursue
AI. In an era of much lower computational power, people figured that
for a computer to beat a GM at chess, some meaningful AI would have to
be developed along the way. I don' thing that Deep Blue is what they
had in mind. IBM cheated in a way. I do think that Deep Blue is an
accomplishment, but not_the_  accomplishment we hoped for.

Tree search and alpha-beta pruning have very general application so I have no doubt they are among the many techniques that human brains use. Also having a very extensive 'book' memory is something humans use. But the memorized games and position evaluation are both very specific to chess and are hard to duplicate in general problem solving. So I think chess programs did contribute a little to AI. The Mars Rover probably uses decision tree searches sometimes.

I believe there will be an AI renaissance and I hope to be alive to
witness it.

You may be disappointed, or even dismayed. I don't think there's much reason to expect or even want to create human-like AI. That's like the old idea of achieving flight by attaching wings to people and make them like birds. Airplanes don't fly like birds. It may turn out that "real" AI, intelligence that far exceeds human capabilities, will be more like Deep Blue than Kasparov.


But for this renaissance to take place, I think two
cultural shifts have to happen:

- A disinterest with the "science as the new religion" stance, leading
to a truly scientific detachment from findings. Currently, everything
that touches the creation of intelligence is ideologically loaded from
all sides of the discussion. This taints honest scientific inquiry;

- New economic structures that allow humanity to pursue complex goals
outside the narrow short-term focus on profit of corporatism or the
pointless status wars of academia.


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