On Tuesday, October 29, 2013 2:11:56 PM UTC-4, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 29 Oct 2013, at 17:07, freqflyer07281972 wrote:
> What are the 8 hypostases? I've seen this referred to a few other times on 
> this list and have never really known what it refers to.
> It is eight intensional variants of Gödel's arithmetical predicate, that 
> all self-referentially correct machines (rich enough, believing or using 
> the induction axioms, Löbian, ...) inherits from incompleteness.
> They are all equivalent, in the sense that they access to exactly the same 
> part of arithmetical truth, but they obeys quite different logic, and those 
> logics provides meta-definition of the points of view.
> I have used them also to offer a toy arithmetical interpretation of 
> Plotinus' theology, so here there are, B is the modal box representing 
> beweisbar, and D is ~B~(and can be read "consistent").
> The three primary hypostases:
> p (the ONE, arithmetical truth)
> Bp (the Intellect, or Intelligible) Gödel's beweisbart('p'), the 3p self)
> Bp & p (the knower, the Soul, the 1p self)

My view inverts this, where 
S = primordial pansensitivity or Sense (the primordial trans-cardinal 
M = Motive or projection of Tensed Sense
H = Entropy or alienation of Sense (S/*M)
Q = Qualia (unique aesthetic presence, 1p, local experience, alienated 
q = quanta (measurement, rules, laws, arithmetic truth, 3p, generic 
non-perspective, sense of alienation)

>From the interaction of these, I get:

m = Matter (alienated Qualia)
E = Energy (alienated Motive)
K = Significance (recapitulation of Sense, collapse of Entropy)
t = time (quantized Significance)
d = space (quantized Entropy)
g = gravity (anti-Motive of Entropy)

This is a lattice view that is slightly different to emphasize the 
separation of the Absolute from sense as well. This separation is more for 
linguistic clarity, since sense and the Absolute are the same ultimately.



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