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As Telmo indicated , Rand, railed against unlimited state power, which is what Marxism and Fascism are all about. Her individualism, stuff is central to her philosophy, but breaks down to the argument that being forced to donate is no donation at all, but extortion from unlimited state power. Mieses and Hayek observed this in action, and it was the conclusion that one reason the German public kept silent during the Holocaust, was they were bought off by "social services access." This was the conclusion of a German citizen of Turkish origin, an academic. I might be able to look up this academic, if needed?

Hayek would be reviled by the Tea Baggers and libertarians as a "socialist":

"But there are two kinds of security: the certainty of a given minimum of sustenance for all and the security of a given standard of life, of the relative position which one person or group enjoys compared with others. There is no reason why, in a society which has reached the general level of wealth ours has, the first kind of security should not be guaranteed to all without endangering general freedom; that is: some minimum of food, shelter and clothing, sufficient to preserve health. Nor is there any reason why the state should not help to organize a comprehensive system of social insurance in providing for those common hazards of life against which few can make adequate provision. "
   --- Frederick Hayek, "The Road to Serfdom"

Secondly, has anyone here when referring to US healthcare (Yeah I know that is a separate thread) knows what Medicaid and Medicare are? Thirdly, does anyone know that Scalia took, fellow, justice, Elena Kagan, deer hunting a few months ago? Scalia may believe in a devil, but he does make nice nice with his political opposite, and gay cohort on the US Supreme Court. Sounds like a regular storm trooper to me! Strumabteilung, as the Germans called it. Lastly, has anyone ever met a real, live, Tea Partier, or Tea Bagger, how ever you wish to term it?

No, but I know several libertarians, with one of whom I've publicly debated 
global warming.


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