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> Marxists like BHO want people taken care of. They also want people
> dependent on government servicesnso they, the pols, can have control over
> the dumb serfs. And again, all the fashionable Marxists have a bunch of
> crony capitalist friends to get ideas from. As far as the state withering
> away, as Marx said, I do not view this as possible, unless everyone has
> access to 3D printers and nanofabrication. Like Engels and Marx wrote, The
> Means of Production...
> Who is BHO? And why do government services make people dependent on the
politicians? If you use motorways or the internet, or want to be defended
against foreign invaders, for example, those services rely on
infrastructure created by the government. Government services should be
filling in the gaps that it isn't in any groups specific interests to
provide - the "commons" as they are known. If you need services that it is
difficult for any small group to provide, a government comes in handy.
Sadly this isn't what governments tend to do, being far more interested in
power for its own sake. The difference between them and corporate rulers is
that you can vote the government out (in a democracy) if you don't like it.
The problem with democracy is that it gets bought up by corporates - "we
have the best government money can buy" to quote Mark Twain - and they
can't be voted out.

Yeah a global village would be nice, with everyone self-sufficient with
hydroponics and nanotech and suchlike, or at least banded together in small
groups - just like a medieval village but with better technology (medieval
villages are examples of how communism works in small groups, of course),
but we would have to bring the whole world up to speed to avoid the current
scenario of jealous third world states breeding terrorists/freedom fighters
(take your pick).

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