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Just a few points:

The advantage of individualism, is it reduces lemming marches, when everyone is running in the wrong direction.

The disadvantage is that if the organized elite convince everyone else that they should only act as individuals they will easily hold onto their power.

Secondly, the european and australian members here should realize that the usa has has socialized medicine for the poor, and for the elderly, for over 50 years now, called medicaid, and medicare. It seemed some did not know this fact.

And you could count the Veteran's Administration in there too. Together they account for about 40% of all healthcare expenditures in the U.S.

Thirdly, most Marxists have capitalist pals, crony capitalists, and the ideals of Marxism have co-mingled the needs of the super rich.

I don't think there are any real Marxists. Marx had some great insights into what was wrong with the industrial revolution and how classes form and interact. But his ideas about the evolution of government were naive fantasies. They've never worked very long, even on the small scale of the Amana Colony or the kibbutz.

Its a global phenomena. So how do you all like it? Fourth Ayn Rand was a script writer, and more of a Shakspeare, then a social philosopher. In Shrugged, she also used a bit of scifi, amidst a dystopia, which if we are not careful, could be our future. The cronyism of politics she got 100 percent correct.

Rand understandably hated communism. But she then supposed that if you just took the negation of everything communist it would be right.


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