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    On 11/5/2013 8:03 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:

    In the near future who knows… you may breath in some nano dust and within 
    begin feeling a powerful compelling love for the dear leader (or bankster) 
    fills you with an overriding motivation to struggle harder to do your small 
part in
    increasing their glory. And – in this dystopic vision -- it will be filled 
to the
    brim with a relentless love for our leaders that we will march off to dreary
    impoverished, dull, brutish, lives and early poisoned deaths on this poor 
    earth. Until the very end – brought on by systemic collapse -- the various 
    in pleasure palaces of the major psychopaths will be kept fully stocked 
with the
    very best and in these cloistered estates, the in-bred, inward looking 
clans of the
    elite will engage in endless merriment marked by grand balls and conspicuous
    displays of wealth and power – as they jostle amongst each other for 
pecking order

    And as the lowly prole dies his early death his face will be frozen in a 
mask of
    perpetually induced love for the great leader… as deep inside the soul 
writhes in

    Of course in the U.S. you can take up your arms and revolt - thanks to the 


Chris' point is that you wouldn't want to. This is the /Brave New World/ version of the future, rather than /1984/.

Yeah, I know. But it's a silly vision. Why would you want all these drugged out brutes around. Why wouldn't you just use of biological engineering to create animals to do labor and act as companions...Oh, right, because it's easier and cheaper to do it with machines. And that's in fact what we've been doing. A big part of the reason for high unemployment is that it just doesn't take as many people to produce stuff - particularly financial stuff. The obviously solution is to stop requiring people to 'work' (watch their hedge fund computer program) and just reward people for living well. But a change in the method of 'production' implies a change in social and political structure (c.f. Karl Marx).


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