On 6 November 2013 20:25, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:

>  Yeah, I know.   But it's a silly vision.  Why would you want all these
> drugged out brutes around.  Why wouldn't you just use of biological
> engineering to create animals to do labor and act as companions...Oh,
> right, because it's easier and cheaper to do it with machines.  And that's
> in fact what we've been doing.  A big part of the reason for high
> unemployment is that it just doesn't take as many people to produce stuff -
> particularly financial stuff.  The obviously solution is to stop requiring
> people to 'work' (watch their hedge fund computer program) and just reward
> people for living well.  But a change in the method of 'production' implies
> a change in social and political structure (c.f. Karl Marx).
> I'm not only with you 100% on this one (well, except for the idea that
"financial stuff" is actually producing something) but I've been saying it
for years myself, too.

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