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> On 11/6/2013 4:43 PM, LizR wrote:
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> We -- all of us really and almost without break for all history -- suffer
> under misrule by organized psychopaths who invariably control the vertices
> of power and use it to ensure that they remain in power, long term.
> But no matter -- MWI -- there has to be some reality where psychopaths are
> treated as the diseased individuals they are and given help to overcome
> their affliction... now how to get the current "me" into that reality
> stream
> Time for a biotechnology lab to work out how to rewrite human DNA so we
> live up to the "angel" end of "the rope over the abyss", e.g. work out how
> to eliminate psychopathic behaviour and generally make us be nicer to each
> other. Then stick it in a highly infectious retrovirus and release it...
> >>There's a continuum of behavior which at the extreme absence of empathy
> we call psychopathy or sociopathy.  But that doesn't mean more empathy is
> better.  Sometimes it's good to be hard hearted.  Should we have been nicer
> to the Neanderthals?
> Didn’t we interbreed with Neanderthals… that is either as nice as it gets
> or is a very nasty act indeed.
> But I take your point. Sometimes it is necessary to say NO, but the
> extreme absence of empathy that characterizes psychopaths is the reason why
> every society ultimately falls into the grip of a self-perpetuating culture
> of crime & corruption and rots out from the inside.
> I have to say it's also unfair on the psychopaths and sociopaths, who
(although they don't know it) are missing out on an awful lot. I still say
it's time we fixed up nature's mistakes in our DNA (as well as the more
superficial ones like being short sighted etc).

Don't worry, it won't stop me saying NO when I have to :)

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