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> There's a continuum of behavior which at the extreme absence of empathy we
> call psychopathy or sociopathy.  But that doesn't mean more empathy is
> better.  Sometimes it's good to be hard hearted.  Should we have been nicer
> to the Neanderthals?
> >>We'll never know. But we do know we evolved to cope with a world that
> is very far removed from the one we have. Is there any reason to believe
> evolution got everything right? We've already made changes to other aspects
> of our being, both physically and psychologically. But certain aspects of
> our behaviour still seem to be stuck in a distant past when life was almost
> always nasty, brutish and short.
> Evolution sometimes saddles life forms with burdensome defects – for
> example almost all animals can synthesize their own vitamin C; we lost
> this; Human’s also have ridiculously thin walled arteries – compared to
> most other animal species. In fact strokes are very rare in most species
> because their circulatory systems are superior in this regard to ours.
> Evolution is a mixed bag and we got what we got – both good and bad; the
> evolutionary benefits of an opposable thumb, enlarged forebrain, linguistic
> abilities etc. far outweighed the defects our evolutionary roulette wheel
> spit out and we have succeeded in covering this planet with members of our
> species.
> Yes. But I wouldn't necessarily call that success, not if it leads to us
dying off in large numbers because (from our perspective, at least) we
screwed up the environment. Are you saying we've done well so we should be
grateful - or something - at least it sounds like that's what you're
saying, maybe not what you intended? Anyway, having cheated evolution in
all sorts of ways, from domesticating animals to cochleal implants, I for
one am not prepared to sit back and say, darn, I can't synthesise my own
vitamin C so I guess I'll just have to die. Instead I eat fruit, having
benefitted from someone having worked out how to obtain vitamin C. And if
they find a way to fix strokes I'll be lining up for that too. I don't see
why we have to stick with the "mixed bag" we got from evolutionary
roulette, and I certainly haven't, having given birth with the aid of
modern medical knowledge rather than going off to a cave to do it the
natural way, thank you very much, and when my gall bladder started playing
up I had keyhole surgery rather than opting to live in pain, or die. And as
far as I'm concerned we should fix up all the other evolutionary mistakes
as soon as possible, including the ones that make some people behave like

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