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> How about incidence of violence, c.f. Steven Pinker's "The Better Angels
> of Our Nature".  Or the below-replacement birthrate throughout most of the
> OECD.  How about the fall of communist totalitarianism in Russia and
> China.  The peaceful revolutions in Poland, South Africa, and even
> relatively peaceful in Libya.
> Agreed (and I have often said the same myself).

>  There's an enormous source of negentropy in sunlight - of which the
> biosphere is using only a tiny portion.
> Agreed (and I have often said the same myself).

> There have always been problems and every generation has had its
> doomsayers.  I think the "monopolization of power" is hardly even a
> problem.  Do you want to run the government?  I certainly don't.  I'm
> thankful there are people who want the damn job, and I fully understand
> that it's not going to attract the sharpest most ethical people.  But those
> people aren't evil.  They can be educated to see that raising the Earth's
> temperature 4degC is a really bad idea.  They can understand the importance
> of clean water and air.  They will respond to public pressure, but people
> have to make democracy work.  It doesn't work just because it's written
> into the Constitution.

I can only hope you're right. Where's Obama's promised green economy (for
example) ?

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