Leibniz's Platonic Physics

Leibniz's idealistic or platonic physics seems to me, a nonphysicist, to
possibly obviate the need for quantum mechanics due
to the preestablished harmony.

I apologize for any errors.


To partly summarize Leibniz's platonic physics:

1. Leibniz's universe is platonic or mental (Idealism) whose reality 
consists completely of monads, which are the mental representations 
(complete logical concepts, ie subjects with a complete set of predicates) 
of physical bodies.

2. Because of the nature of perception by the One, 


each monad contains the perceptions or states of
all of the other monads in the universe.

2.Space and time are not monads, but their effects are representated
as a "pre-established harmony".  essentialy a theory of mental or platonic 


This is a mental map of spacetime (which itself is mental) that predicts the 
paths of all bodies from
the beginning of the universe to the end based, on the laws of
physics (Newtonian physics and particle physics). 

3. Time by itself is not physical, but is, as one might expect in a platonic
physics, it is perceived only as an intuition (see Kant also) and
as perceived is quantized as the One can see all monads 
only at particular instances. Space (which does not physically exist) is
mental but continuous

4. Causation in Leibniz is platonic, that is to say, completely mental,
and simply follows the pattern of the pre-established harmony.  
In this, a monad at  spacetime A (which contains the states of
all of the other monads) is perceived by the One and moved to
spacetime B (possibly next to A).

5. Since this physics applies to all monads (bodies or particles of
any size) and these completely comprise the platonic universe, 
 it could possibly replace quantum mechanics at small scales.


Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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