On 11/7/2013 9:57 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:

>>So if Florida repeals it's law giving the right to "stand your ground", we will all be living in a tyranny?

I am not sure I get the point you are trying to make? As far as it matter my opinion on "stand your ground" laws and those who advocate for them is: that anybody who believes it is okay to murder another human being because they feel threatened is an utter asshole.

If they are threatened with bodily harm or death? Don't you think self-defense is human right? Even Hobbes recognized that right, and he didn't recognize many. The question is whether the person threatened has an obligation to flee. And it ain't murder if it's legal.

So my point is that rights are a matter of opinion, the ethical opinion of society. Legal rights have expanded most places. Women have more rights than they did when I was a kid. So do blacks and homosexuals. But when they didn't have those rights, it didn't mean that nobody had any rights. And we still don't give minors full rights. Bruno seems to think if we just legalize all drugs that will fix everything, but I wonder if he intends that children should smoke pot and drink whiskey?

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