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On 11/7/2013 9:57 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:

>> So if Florida repeals it's law giving the right to "stand your ground",
we will all be living in a tyranny?


I am not sure I get the point you are trying to make? As far as it matter my
opinion on "stand your ground" laws and those who advocate for them is: that
anybody who believes it is okay to murder another human being because they
feel threatened is an utter asshole. 

>>If they are threatened with bodily harm or death?  Don't you think
self-defense is human right?  Even Hobbes recognized that right, and he
didn't recognize many.  The question is whether the person threatened has an
obligation to flee.  And it ain't murder if it's legal.  


Did I say that? Stand your ground goes a lot further than justifiable

Self-defense is one thing; stand your ground something else entirely. The
two should not be confused of conflated. Self-defense is when one has no
alternative but to take potentially lethal action. That does not include
"feeling" threatened. This does not rise to the level of imminence and
actual threat that can merit lethality. Does anyone have the right to murder
someone - because an immoral legalization of murder does not wipe the stench
of sin from the act and the perpetrator of the crime. I am sure Hitler had
very much legalized the many bad acts of the Nazi Party; where they
therefore not bad acts?

>> So my point is that rights are a matter of opinion, the ethical opinion
of society.  Legal rights have expanded most places.  Women have more rights
than they did when I was a kid.  So do blacks and homosexuals.  But when
they didn't have those rights, it didn't mean that nobody had any rights.
And we still don't give minors full rights.  Bruno seems to think if we just
legalize all drugs that will fix everything, but I wonder if he intends that
children should smoke pot and drink whiskey?


Morality and any opinion or argument that involves judgments being made on
others  must per force be contextual. Perhaps there is some absolute
morality, but when this notion falls into human hands we get Torquemada.
Ethical things must be seen in their contextual fabric. I agree with Bruno -
all drugs should be legalized. This is not the realm of law. The hundred
years of prohibition have succeeded only in spawning an era of global crime
syndicates amassing wealth, power and control; and of the subverting of our
political and federal level secret security state organizations into
colluding with this dark world that has been created by and is nurtured by
the Prohibition. The global narcotics trade is huge; it has been going on
for a long time - the British Opium pushers come to mind. Prohibition is a
guaranteed profits engine for crime syndicates - that work in a covert
manner with central intelligence agencies, which benefit from large rivers
of illicit - off the books - funds. Prohibition has corrupted our culture
and government; it has polluted our banking & financial system and pretty
much every sector of our economy. Drug money has been sloshing around the US
from the early Prohibition against alcohol. The subsequent prohibitions,
which by the way has crushed the lives of millions of people who have been
thrown into prison some to be raped and psychologically broken for having a
little pot.

Prohibition is in the service of dark forces on this earth; it wraps itself
with LOUDLY proclaimed noble intent while its actual effects are the very
opposite. The war on drugs was the first perpetual war, begun by Nixon. It
goes on, and on, and on. propelled forward by a fig leaf of moral intent
that masks a very dark enterprise indeed. 

Ending the era of Prohibition will not mean kids will start smoking pot..
Hint they already are, and have been for a long time. Ending this dark era
of Prohibition will mean that the greatest illicit funding engine ever
devised will shut down and the global crime syndicates revenue streams will
dry up. Hence the resistance to ending this era of Prohibition will be
violent and formidable. How far and how deep is the reach of the global
crime syndicates by now - fattened by many generations of drug profits that
have been laundered and given such a clean fresh smell, infecting every
sector of the economy? How deep do the tentacles go; after this forty year
long war on drugs. Where does all that money end? 

End Prohibition; take the black money out of it; starve the global crime
syndicates.. That sounds pretty good to me.


Health food definitions:
natural: anything made from soy (e.g., soy milk and soy burgers)
non-natural: anything made from meat (e.g. hamburgers, people)
supernatural: anything made from marijuana
      --- Mark Scandariato

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