In an interview Max Tegmark said that he expected to have a "truncated"
form of QI - he'd survive the quantum suicide experiment, but his brain
would still deteriorate in any case until he eventually fades out ("like
when an amoeba croaks" were his exact words, iirc)

I think he also mentioned that this might segue into being reborn, so a
form of reincarnation - but it's a while since I read it.

On 9 November 2013 10:16, Jason Resch <> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 3:50 AM, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:
>> On 07 Nov 2013, at 00:51, LizR wrote:
>> I was thinking specifically of Max Tegmark's MUH. He considers minds to
>> be "subsystems" of the maths - he doesn't say anything about computations
>> existing in arithmetic. So I think he probably hasn't developed that aspect
>> of the theory to the extent that you have, and may not realise the full
>> implications. Have you had any communication with him? It could be
>> interesting to combine your ideas.
>> We have discussed on this list a long time ago. I was astonished that he
>> does not believe in the quantum immortality,
> Interesting.  And he is one who is well known for popularizing the idea of
> proving MWI by putting a quantum gun to one's head.  How did he justify his
> disbelief in quantum immortality while at the same time believe in MWI?
>  What would he think the experimenter will experience when he gets in the
> box with Schrodinger's cat?

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