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If you hold the Rational Optimist view aka Matt Ridley, people will act
altruistic much more, if they get a reward, then in they get jack. A
dictatorship of your own preference is suitable for many, but not for most.
Plus, think about pure materiality. If a cruel dictator has his goon point a
semi-automatic at each of our heads and demands of us to immediately produce
an energy source that will power his civilization for the rest of his life,
and unless we can produce this energy source, bang goes the gun. I will
shout shale gas or even tar sands. If you shout out sun and wind, bang goes
the gun against your skull. Why? Because even after decades of work, even
after daily advances, there's no city on earth that is now powered by sun or
win, were that it was so. My point is we cannot legislate reality. I will
take the marketplace with all its flaws versus coercive government. Which
would you choose?

There can be no marketplace without government.
Yes. This is why when the government makes a certain type of trade
illegal it disappears. Otherwise, drug dealers could create complex
global organisations with major trade routes feeding local resellers
and so on. It would be possible to buy drugs produced in distant lands
even without the government's help.

  Government's define
ownership, property rights, contracts - all stuff essential for markets.
Again, this is another reason why illegal drugs are not bought or
sold. It doesn't make any sense. How could you possibly buy or sell
drugs without the government defining your right of ownership,
contracts and so on?
You create your own 'government' and enforce the rules with guns, just like any other government.


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