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Chris, I just read a study by the U of Colorado, published in the Journal, Bioscience, claiming that up to 1 million bats have been killed by green energy wind turbines.

?? And that is significant compared to what? Nine million birds killed each year by flying into building? Human deaths due to fossil fuel pollution?

"Annual $ cost of pollution deaths from a new 400 MW coal-based power plant. Taking the European valuation of $5 million per person (see: http://www.evworld.com/news.cfm?newsid=8836), the ANNUAL cost due to deaths of Victorians (Australians) of a new 400 MW coal-based power plant = 50 persons x $5 million/person = $250 million ANNUALLY."

Human disability due to fossil fuel pollution?

"HOWEVER, morbidity (illness) costs can be 6 times mortality costs. The Ontario Ministry of Energy study estimated that the costs from long-term exposure were more than six times those from premature deaths (avoidable deaths, excess deaths) (see: http://www.evworld.com/news.cfm?newsid=8836)."

The arrival of solar power, its decline in price, and thus it will power all human civilization never arrives.

Sez your crystal ball.

Its what the math people call asymptotic, which in this case means, it never achieves target, it never gets there. The same with nuclear fusion, despite happy reports. It never gets there after decades of research. Thus, it cannot be Relied Upon to substitute for Dirty energy sources. What might prime the technological pump is the market place, where supply and demand are invoked, and there is commercial reason to produce minus government hand outs to crony companies, in Germany, and in the US. With tax payer monies, these companies vanish, like farts in a high wind, like Solyndra did. Unreliable substitutes are non substitutes.

Of course there's no commercial incentive to switch from fossil fuel because when you sell energy from fossil fuel you don't have to pay all the cost you impose on the public.


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