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Brent, let us look at human nature as it exists and not posit perfection to scientists and bureaucrats. Climate scientist who peddle AGW have skin in the game. What's their reward? They get guaranteed jobs and do the planning and make policies if true, thus, their careers are set Bureaucrat's ,like politicians, want power over others and also have guaranteed careers.

Complete bullshit from the Faux News talking points. All the climate scientists are civil servants or tenured academics and have good job whether AGW is true or not. What they have on the line is their professional reputations and if any one of them had data to dispute AGW they'd be only to glad to make their reputation as the guy who proved AGW wrong. It's the deniers and obfuscators who only get paid by Exxon and the Koch brothers if they publish some junk science to obfuscate the question.

If AGW is more nuanced, shall we say, then the salaries, the power is diminished. If the climate pause takes longer, then the people proposing climate change, have to come up with an excuse. Notice, please that until recently, AGW is now called Climate Change. My best bet on this is that the term was change to cover all variations in climate, in case it doesn't get warmer, as exemplified by the UK's weather over the last 10 years. No Miami temps in London so far. This goes against earlier forecasts, doesn't it? Now to your Libertarian denial theme, let us say I am agnostic but deeply suspicious myself, but allow me to counter question. 1. What non-carbon fuel source do you have at the ready to replace climate damaging fossil fuels?

Nuclear (especially LFTRs), wind, and solar.

2. Do your solutions include switching off dirty power in the US, without a working substitute?
Of course not.  No one has ever suggested that (except Deniers setting up a 
straw man).

3. What do you recommend if the US refuses to comply?

?? You mean the U.S. government refuses to act in the best interests of it's citizens: Vote them out.

4. Ditto, India, China, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, etc?

Economic sanctions.

I guess I am at step 5 and 6 on your scheme of things.

So you've already given up.  I hope you've bought land in the Arctic.


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