On 11/9/2013 8:17 PM, LizR wrote:
The rich get richer via the stock exchange and similar financial institutions. This is done with software nowadays - a thousandth of a second delay in investing can mean the difference between accumulating and losing. This doesn't actually produce improvements in anything (except financial modelling software). It's a cloud of abstract numbers spiralling off into never never land with no connection to producing anything useful.

Right. The liquidity of the market is necessary; nobody would buy stock if they couldn't sell it. But microtrading is just trying to profit on the noise. There have been proposals to tax it so as to make it unprofitable.

But stock trading in general isn't really producing anything, it's just moving ownership around. The real *investing* is done by the startup investors. I have hope that cloud sourcing may provide a way for small investors like myself to participate in this real investing.


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