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>  On 11/9/2013 6:13 PM, spudboy...@aol.com wrote:
> Let me ask you Jesse do you suggest any substitute that we can turn to for
> transforming world civilization to clean power? The only significant thing
> I can think of, would be hiring Craig Venter to produce some methane or
> hydrogen maker, that can, if necessary convert sea water to fuel.
> You seem ignorant that converting sea water to fuel takes more energy than
> you can get from burning the fuel (hydrogen).  So you still need a clean
> energy source to do the conversion.
> This would be a possible way of creating fuel for easy transport. One of
the big points about petrol is that it's very transportable. The best
solution to the world's energy problems imho would be to find a method of
extracting carbon dioxide from the air and converting it plus water into
petrol using solar power. Carbon-neutral petrol and we don't have to rejig
all our existing transport systems. If we can extract more carbon than we
use we might even cool the earth too.

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