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I am emphasizing having governments print out (Keynes style) absolutely, colossal, amounts of cash, as a reward for coming up with excellent disease treatments and cures, human solar system tours, and clean energy solution, environmental remediation. If the banks won't fund researchers, then private equity will, if private equity won't then a million contributors-open source-will, provided they get a cut of the reward offered by a government prize. I wouldn't be shocked if you, Professor, Marchal, might summon up 25 ECU's in exchange for receiving 3000 ECU's or Golden Yuans, in payment, 5 years later.

Only if this reflects some honest contracts.

Honesty is not just "moral", it is something which elevates a lot the real value of money. It generates trust.

Be honest.
If you don't try to be honest for the calm of your conscience, do it for the wealth of your children.

Today big corporations are based on lies. That's the problem.



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