On 11/10/2013 1:06 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Bruno and Brent:

*_Who are you to  T E L L  society what it needs?_*
(BTW: I agree perfectly with your position).

I had discussions on other lists in aspects of religion and gun-control and received similar offensive repercussions. No universal machine can tell any other universal machine how to think and what to aim at. Voting is a lying hoax, democracy is nonetxistent. A handful people of goodwill will not change the malicious crowd. When I abhor shooting to kill people, it does not prove wrong those crazies who like to do it - just marks a difference of opinions.
TELLING society what it needs is fascism, socialism, or religion.

What about telling society what it needs to survive? Are you telling me fascism, socialism, and religion are bad?


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