On 11/11/2013 1:28 AM, Telmo Menezes wrote:
I didn't say I didn't feel like it or that I was unwilling to do it. I
said I believed it would not be possible, with a reasonable amount of
effort, to have an informed opinion. Are you a climatologist? If not,
you seem to believe otherwise beacuse you arrived at a strong
conclusion. In which case, feel free to tell me about the models and
why it's easier to be certain than I think.

I'm not a climatologist, but I can read the literature. I certainly don't have the time, expertise, nor inclination to teach an online class in climate change, and it would be redundant anyway. Read David Archer's book "Global Warming, Understanding the Forecast", it has plenty of references to the scientific literature. There are excellent discussions of every aspect of the scientific climate questions (but not the economic or human impact) online at realclimate.org. Read the comments too, there are plenty of critics of specific technical points - as in any real scientific enterprise.


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