On 11/11/2013 1:47 AM, LizR wrote:
Obviously they could all be politically motivated or in the pay of mysterious socialist organisations, and it's always possible that their modelling is wildly inaccurate, but unless someone is actually making up the data and the measurements then /something/ is going on which is causing the world to warm.

And I would add that the modeling has consistently predicted global warming from fossil fuel burning starting with Savante Arhennius's pencil and paper calculations in 1890. It's simple, basic physics see that more CO2 in the atmosphere will make it warmer. It's much harder to say exactly how much. It's harder still to predict the effects on weather patterns, biota, and economies. So one has varying degrees of confidence, depending on what variables are being predicted. But remember that uncertainty can go either way - it's not a knock-down argument for inaction.


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