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    On 11/11/2013 5:04 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

        Every science whose conclusions have effects in politics has a high 
risk of
        being manipulated. In the URSS and here. From Anthropology to long term
        Meteorology to everything in the middle. The one that does not realize 
that is
        poor fool who does not know how the world works and has replaced with 
all his
        innocent stupidity the fairy tales of the past with the fairy tales of 

        If you read the mails of the East Anglia Climategate scandal, One of 
the main
        concern of the Warmists were about to keep in control over the peer 
        mechanism of the main scientific magazines Long interchanges of mails 
        devoted to talk about stablishing barriers in the peer reviewed 
magazines by
        perverting the PR mechanisms.

    Because they had already seen the process being manipulated by the well 
    Deniers and their political allies.

This is laughable. Not a SINGLE article against human warming was publised in the main scientific magazines

Of course, scientific magazines exist to summarize and popularize mainstream science. But there have been articles denying AGW in geology, mining, and energy trade journals. But that's not what I meant by manipulating the process. The reason the East Anglia climatologists were irritated by requests for their data was that hired guns at right-wing think tanks wanted to comb through the data to find some aspect that they could throw into doubt. For their purpose it was enough just to create doubt about some small aspect to the data. So long as they could say to legislators and the public that we should resolve a question about tree ring data in California, or urban heat islands in Russia, or principal factor analysis, or GCM prediction of tropospheric temperature in the tropics, or the effect of cloud cover,...so long as they could manufacture controversy about technical points, nothing would be done and their clients could continue business as usual.

It is exactly the same tactic that worked for many years as hired flacks for the tobacco industry raised questions about the details of every study showing tobacco smoking caused lung cancer: Mice aren't the same as humans. People who don't smoke get lung cancer too. And it isn't surprising because the oil companies have hired some of the same people to do their PR.

and you said that the process was perverted by the "deniers"? I have no option but to think that you believe en evil deamons with telepathic powers that try to hide your coming apocalypse. And you are right. I´m one of them. This night, by black magic, I will appear in your dreams and I will torment you. Careful whit me.

        The fact is that peer reviewing is not a guaranty, on the contraty. It 
acts as
        an ideological filter  rather than as a quality filter in every 
discipline in
        which politics and scientists benefit from mutual cooperation by 
        money for ideological ammunition.

    Yes, some scientists might be biased - so we should assumed you deniers 
have the
    truth on the basis of no evidence except that in the past some scientists 
have been

You have your WW apocalypse, to believe in.

And you have to believe that your political analysis of any question will allow you disregard the science by showing that all scientists, or at least all who discomfit your world view, are venal and corrupt.

But because you will be sooner or later ridiculed by reality, I recommend you to search for a replacement..

I recommend you move to the tropics.

What about the end of the ozone layer? no..that has been in fashion time ago but it gains momentum every winter. What about the peak oil? Nah, fracking ended it,although our ecoalarmist comrades are doing whatever they can to stop this menace against our beloved apocalypse. I recommend you to study the chemtrails. They are the true menace.

End of transmission from Mars. bip bip

I knew you didn't live on this planet or care for it's future.


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