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    On 11/12/2013 7:19 AM, Jason Resch wrote:

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        Benjamin Button lived his life in reverse.

        So I'll ask you the same thing I asked Quentin, what's you inference 
from the
        fact you, and every body you've ever heard of died before reaching age 

    That observation is not relevant the question at hand.  MWI implies 
    immortality, not immortality of others.

    I didn't specify a question.

And what is this "what's you inference from the fact you, and every body you've ever heard of died before reaching age 150?" ?

Also I don't see the relevance of the fact that we don't have past eternality for that question ? You don't have to move back to 4 to say we forget things, from day to day there are a lot of things I forget

Me too, but there are *some things* I remember and even remember remembering. My father had Alzheimers and he came to a state where he didn't remember anything, even minute to minute. Was he still the same person? Didn't seem like it to me.

... that doesn't mean I'm dead today, or that those event didn't exists, or that is necessary they did. QI does not state that we should have an eternal past... only that our 1 POV will never cease (doesn't say anything about perfect memory recall either).

No, but if we rely on QM to show we have an eternal future, then we have to say why the time symmetry of QM doesn't imply and eternal past. Of course the obvious answer is in the past our physical structure (i.e. brain etc) didn't exist. But then that also implies that we won't exist in the future as our physical structure dissipates.


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