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                Benjamin Button lived his life in reverse.

                So I'll ask you the same thing I asked Quentin, what's you 
                from the fact you, and every body you've ever heard of died 
                reaching age 150?

            That observation is not relevant the question at hand. MWI implies
            subjective immortality, not immortality of others.

            I didn't specify a question.

        And what is this "what's you inference from the fact you, and every body
        you've ever heard of died before reaching age 150?" ?

        Also I don't see the relevance of the fact that we don't have past 
        for that question ? You don't have to move back to 4 to say we forget 
        from day to day there are a lot of things I forget

        Me too, but there are *some things* I remember and even remember 
        My father had Alzheimers and he came to a state where he didn't remember
        anything, even minute to minute.  Was he still the same person?  Didn't 
        like it to me.

        ... that doesn't mean I'm dead today, or that those event didn't 
exists, or
        that is necessary they did. QI does not state that we should have an 
        past... only that our 1 POV will never cease (doesn't say anything about
        perfect memory recall either).

        No, but if we rely on QM to show we have an eternal future, then we 
have to say
        why the time symmetry of QM doesn't imply and eternal past.  Of course 
        obvious answer is in the past our physical structure (i.e. brain etc) 
        exist. But then that also implies that we won't exist in the future as 
        physical structure dissipates.

    Only if MWI is false, QI relies on MWI, with MWI, it is garanteed that some
    branches will carry a continuum of you from near perfect continuation to no
    continuation (but these are to be ignore, you're just not where you're 
not), of
    course if MWI is false, QI is too.

    But when you look at it that way it's not so dependent on QM as on 
    mechanics.  If your 'measure' in the world (and I'm not sure that's a 
    concept) is continually decreasing, as the Born weight of "dead" grows 
    falls, then the probability you are dead approaches 1.

But it will never be 1, so the argument follows. As long as there is at least one continuation, it is enough, and as MWI garanteed such continuation, if MWI is true, QI is too.

    Then it becomes vague what "you" means.

"You" is your own feeling of being alive.... Only "you" know what "you" is.

    Can your next experience be that being a corpse,

If it's possible to have a 1 POV that feels like 1 POV while being alive, why not, I don't know, the only thing QI says, is that "you" will feel a next moment.

    a rock, a bit of methane gas?  Is there necessarily a Quentin who remembers 
    Quentin at all?

There must be one, but there must be a continuum of Quentin in between... The only "ignored" ones are the ones who don't remember having been Quentin.

But that's my point that QI is relying more on statistical mechanics than QM. Essentially you're saying it's *possible* that there will a experiences of remembering being Quentin at any given time in the future (something that would have been true in a Newtonian world view also) and since everything possible happens (another dubious assumption) you are immortal. But having a vanishing probability of being alive, seems to me the same as being dead. Of course you can also argue that it is possible, in some world Quentin is alive, full of memories, has a Nobel prize and is married to Gwenth Paltrow. But isn't that, alas, a completely different Quentin.


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