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> I knew you didn't live on this planet or care for it's future.
> Quite clearly - "I have my own dirt to attend to" ignores the existence of
the commons we all share in. If Alberto wants to move to Mars then fine, he
is no longer invested in the Earth's environment. But until then he is, and
(like the fossil fuel industry) is apparently unwilling to pay the full
price of living here. The oil industry wants a free lunch with no comeback
from the "hidden" costs of their wealth-generation (now becoming less and
less hidden) - they act as though they have no idea of what economics
actually means, as though that they don't realise the price you don't pay
now is accumulating somewhere else and has to be paid in the end.
(Possibly, if they continue to ignore reality for long enough, with our
children's lives.)

Also, to claim that the IPCC etc can't be trusted because it's all just
"scientists looking after themselves" while believing that the propaganda
from the oil industry ISN'T ... is (to put it kindly) disingenuous.

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